Hope RISING Clinic serves children with prenatal substance exposure and their families.

Our Story

Nearly a decade ago, our providers at Wonderland Child & Family Services began to experience an increase in referrals for infants and toddlers with prenatal substance exposure (PSE) and identified a need to provide specialized services for this population. After several years of study and consultation with leading experts and practitioners in the PSE field, in 2019 we launched a full suite of services specifically designed for PSE-impacted children and their families at Hope RISING Clinic (Resources, Intervention, and Support to Inspire and Nurture Growth) for Prenatal Substance Exposure.

Meeting the Need

While a major cause of developmental disabilities, treatment for prenatal substance exposure remains widely unaddressed and underfunded due largely to stigma and shame. 10% of children born in the United States are affected by prenatal substance exposure, and prenatal alcohol exposure is widely considered under identified, with some estimates as high as 20%. Hope RISING Clinic staff knows how to reach PSE-impacted children early and deliver support services that optimize their prospects for a healthy and productive life.

Our Services

Today, Hope RISING Clinic provides evaluation, diagnosis, therapy, and family support for PSE-impacted children up to age 13, all through a trauma-informed and neurobehavioral lens.

Our services include:

  • Occupational, speech, and language therapy
  • Mental/behavioral health and caregiver counseling
  • Feeding support
  • Sensory processing support
  • Educational advocacy, psychoeducation, social skills support and groups
  • Linkages to community resources

Although we can’t reverse the effects of prenatal substance exposure, our goal is to give kids the best tools for leading healthy and productive lives.

Hope RISING Clinic is a division of Wonderland Child & Family Services, an agency dedicated to serving children with developmental delays and disabilities and helping them rise to their full potential. This work would not be possible without the support our dedicated board of directors and our funders. Learn more about our community of supporters in Wonderland’s annual reports.

Together We Thrive

Wonderland endeavors to provide all employees and families we serve, regardless of background or identity, with equitable, meaningful, and engaging opportunities to thrive and have a sense of belonging.