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Get to Know Hope RISING Clinic

Introducing Hope RISING Clinic for Prenatal  Substance Exposure

Hope RISING Clinic provides supports and services for children from birth through 12 years of age with suspected or confirmed prenatal substance exposure.

Video from the Grand Opening of Hope RISING Clinic for Prenatal Substance Exposure

Anna’s Story | Hope RISING Clinic

Meet Anna, one of Hope RISING Clinic’s youngest clients. Anna spent the first few weeks of her life in the NICU weaning off heroin and methamphetamine after being prenatally exposed. This story is a testament to Anna’s strength, her loving family, and dedicated providers at Hope RISING Clinic.

Lauren and Preston’s Story | Hope RISING Clinic

Meet Hope RISING Clinic clients Lauren and Preston. Lauren learned she was pregnant while incarcerated and in recovery from substance use disorder. Hope RISING Clinic providers work with Lauren and Preston to understand his prenatal substance exposure (PSE) and manage the challenges that come with it.

Sara & Jes’s Story | Hope RISING Clinic

Meet Hope RISING Clinic clients Sara and Jes. Jes started his journey with Wonderland’s Early Support program before he was evaluated into Hope RISING Clinic for prenatal substance exposure (PSE). Since enrolling in Hope RISING Clinic, Jes has made significant strides and continues to make progress. We need your help to continue to serve more families like Sara and Jes’s.

Wonderland Learning Series Webinars

Prenatal Substance Exposure Informational  Webinar

Learn more about prenatal substance exposure and its impact on our community. Our panel of experts includes:

Dr. Julia Bledsoe, UW pediatrician & FASD clinic consultant
Jennifer Wisdahl, FASD United policy advocate & parent
Katherine Zintel, Hope RISING Clinic occupational therapist & supervisor

Moderated by Michelle Stiller Bradley

Parenting in Recovery

In the second edition of our learning series, two Hope RISING Clinic parents who are in recovery join providers for an honest conversation about the challenges they face, hard-fought victories, and the importance of wrap-around support when raising kids with prenatal substance exposure.

Let’s Talk About FASD

FASD is a leading cause of intellectual disabilities in the U.S. but is rarely discussed due to stigma, shame, and lack of awareness. September is FASD Awareness Month and Wonderland is pleased to host a webinar exploring why it’s important to talk about FASD with caregivers, families, and the greater community.