Wonderland has been an advocate for children and families for more than 50 years, and our work has helped shape the Early Support system as it exists in our state today.

Now, we’re continuing that tradition by working to make sure the impacts of prenatal substance exposure (PSE) are understood and fully recognized so those affected are able to receive the therapy and support they need to thrive.

Recognition Matters

Hope RISING Clinic offers evaluation for Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorders (FASD), but what does a diagnosis mean? Unfortunately, it means very little if it isn’t recognized by social service agencies or medical providers as a condition needing attention, therapy, or support. That’s why recognition of the effects of prenatal exposure to drugs and alcohol, and inclusion in public policy, are so vital.

Taking PSE to the halls of Olympia

We know the trauma-informed, evidence-based therapy and support families receive at Hope RISING Clinic changes lives, but we can’t meet the demand for these services alone. So we’re taking what we’ve learned to the halls of Olympia and fighting for the recognition and funding necessary to ensure all children in our state have the opportunity to live full, happy lives.

Make your voice heard!

Raise your voice to support children and families impacted by prenatal exposure to drugs and alcohol. Here are some ways to get involved:

1. Let your voice be heard in the state capitol

Join Wonderland in thanking our legislators for including PSE support in the 2022 budget! These funds will help provide vital support for families in our community. (Find out who represents your district here.)

Interested in meeting with legislators? Wonderland and Hope RISING Clinic are holding an advocacy day during the 2023  legislative session in Olympia. Sign up for our eNews to stay up to learn more and get involved!

2. Advocate at the Federal level

Urge policymakers to pass the FASD Respect Act, which dedicates funding for FASD prevention efforts, screening, identification, research, and FASD-informed services nationwide.

Learn more and become a change-maker!

3. Donate

Donating to support our work at Hope RISING Clinic is a direct investment in kids and families affected by prenatal substance exposure.

Help us serve more families regardless of their income or ability to pay. Any amount makes a difference, and even a small monthly donation is an easy way to provide sustainable support for families in need of life-changing services.

Invest in our work

Community Education

Prenatal substance exposure is sometimes called a “silent epidemic” because stigma and shame have led to the isolation of many families. Community education on the effects and impacts of PSE is an important first step in building support for children and families who have struggled alone for far too long.

Recordings of previous webinars are also available on our YouTube channel.

Wonderland Learning Series Webinars

Learn more about the impacts of PSE in our community, and what you can do to help.

May 19th, 2022 — Parenting in Recovery

Upcoming topics include FASD Awareness and prevention (September) and Adoption, Foster Care, and PSE (November).