There are an estimated 57,000 children in Washington State schools with prenatal alcohol exposure. These children experience a range of disabilities and the impacts can be profound and lifelong when untreated.

“I know all the statistics. But I refuse for them to become another statistic. My goal is to raise kids that are happy, productive members of our society.” – Hope RISING Clinic parent

Hope RISING Clinic is the only clinic in the country solely dedicated to serving children affected by prenatal exposure to drugs and alcohol. The demand for these services is extremely high, but resources are limited and we are unable to serve all families seeking help. Currently, there are 50 children and 28 caregivers on the waitlist. Your support helps move kids off the waitlist and into the services they need.

Meet the Families

Here are examples of families who are waiting for services.

The Chavos Family
Dillan and Sandra, ages eight and six, are on the waitlist for occupational therapy and mental health counseling. Once entering the foster care system, they moved homes a total of 10 times. Dillan, a third grader, was prenatally exposed to amphetamines and alcohol. Sandra is in first grade and was exposed to cocaine and alcohol. Both kids struggle with sensory processing differences and impulsivity. Dillan loves Marvel movies and wants to be Spiderman when he grows up. Sandra loves exploring the outdoors and wants to be a park ranger one day. They have been on the waitlist for 11 months.

The Williams Family
John and Lisa are new parents to eight-month-old Rose. Exposed to opioids during pregnancy, Rose was born premature and spent three weeks in NICU. Rose has trouble latching to her bottle and is awaiting support for feeding and infant mental health. John is seeking mental health counseling and parent coaching. Lisa is in recovery and plans to complete mental health counseling when she exits treatment. She is excited to start a new and sober life. They have been on the waitlist for four months.

The Lawrence Family
Makayla, Markus, and Devon, ages four, six, and nine, are cared for by their grandmother. All three kids were prenatally exposed to a variety of substances. They are on the waitlist for occupational therapy, speech therapy, and mental health counseling. Makalya loves to sing and dance, while Markus and Devon enjoy watching Paw Patrol. The family’s favorite activity is rooting for the Seahawks. They have been on the waitlist for seven months.


One Year of Services – $10,000

Your gift of one year of weekly services makes a life-changing difference for families. This is the approximate cost for children and caregivers to receive weekly therapy, family support, and ongoing advocacy. Funding a family for one year is a powerful investment in local families.

Six Months of Services – $5,000

Giving six months of weekly services serves as a lifeline for families. This is the approximate cost for a family to receive weekly therapy and support for six months. These critically-needed services help children and caregivers reach their full potential.

How to Fund a Family

Thank you for considering funding a family at Hope RISING Clinic! These services deliver a life-changing impact for children and families. To sponsor a family, you can donate online by clicking “Fund a Family” above, mail a check, or make a donation of stock.

Please mail checks to:

Wonderland Child & Family Services
2402 NW 195th Pl
Shoreline, WA 98177

Have questions about funding a family? Contact us at or call (206) 800-3264

Impact equivalencies are estimated based on billable services and costs to families. Costs for individual families vary based on the level of support needed, insurance coverage, and ability to pay. Profiles are based on Hope RISING Clinic families. Names and identifiable information have been changed to protect privacy. Donations will directly support Hope RISING Clinic for prenatal substance exposure and enable us to move families off the waitlist.