Hope RISING Clinic for prenatal substance exposure

While prenatal substance exposure is alarmingly common – one in ten children born in the U.S. are affected – stigma and shame have stood in the way of kids and families receiving the support they need. Hope RISING Clinic is breaking barriers to care and working to reach every child in need of services, regardless of their families’ income, insurance, or ability to pay for treatment.

The need in our community

As the number of children with prenatal substance exposure keeps growing, so is the demand for services to support these families. Hope RISING Clinic is the only clinic in our region offering evaluation, diagnosis, therapy, and family support for kids with prenatal substance exposure (PSE). We provide comprehensive services through a trauma-informed and neurobehavioral lens to kids up to age 13. Following the social isolation and Covid-19 lockdowns, we’ve experienced a surge in families needing care.

How to help

You can help kids and families struggling with the effects of prenatal substance exposure by donating below or connecting with Wonderland staff at info@nullhoperisingclinic.org. With your support, we will expand services, raise awareness of prenatal substance exposure, and change the way our community addresses this silent epidemic.