“I refuse for them to become another statistic. My goal is to raise kids that are happy, productive members of our society. We need more places like this clinic.”

— Joanne, Jayden and Luke’s mom

Meet Jayden and Luke

Eight-year-old Jayden and six-year-old Luke had a tough start in life after being prenatally exposed to drugs and alcohol. Today, with the support of their caring adoptive family and Hope RISING Clinic team, they are getting the services they need to thrive.

Jayden’s exposure to methamphetamine affected his short-term memory and visual processing, making it difficult to read, write, and get dressed. Luke’s exposure to drugs and alcohol puts his sensory system in constant overdrive, causing him to act impulsively. While the effect on each child is unique, prenatal substance exposure is alarmingly common.

One in ten babies born in the U.S. are affected by prenatal substance exposure. In contrast, one in 54 kids have autism spectrum disorder.

Since starting services at Hope RISING Clinic, Jayden and Luke immediately benefited from the diagnostic assessments and therapy. They are better able to focus and follow directions and are now thriving with additional support at school.

Hope RISING Clinic is the only clinic of its kind in our region. There are 55 kids on the waitlist right now, and the number keeps growing.


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