Hope RISING Clinic is a safe and healing environment where families are supported by our team of experts, free of judgment, as they navigate the challenges of caring for children with prenatal substance exposure.

Your gift makes it all possible.

Social Skills Group – $1,000

Your gift of $1,000 could cover the cost of our Good Buddies group to help kids develop social skills critical for friendship-building and appropriate interactions.

Donate $1,000

Caregiver Support – $500

Your gift of $500 could cover the cost of providing four sessions of our educational course about prenatal substance exposure for caregivers.

Donate $500

Language Coaching – $250

Your gift of $250 could cover the cost of two Hanen Program sessions for caregivers of children with social communication difficulties.

Donate $250

Healthy Snacks – $50

Your gift of $50 could cover the cost of healthy snacks for client children and their siblings during one month of therapy sessions at Hope RISING clinic.

Donate $50

“No one has ever reached out to me before with compassion to see how I was doing. Thank you, Hope RISING Clinic!”
– Hope RISING Clinic parent

Impact equivalencies are estimated based on billable services and costs to families. Costs for individual families vary based on the level of support needed, insurance coverage, and ability to pay. All donations will directly support Hope RISING Clinic for prenatal substance exposure.